CryENGINE 3.4.5

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CryENGINE 3.4.5 - 1.34 GB
We're happy to announce the quick turn around of CryENGINE Free SDK version 3.4.5. Mainly focusing on some crucial fixes which were encountered in 3.4.4, this release should make using the latest CryENGINE SDK a smooth and enjoyable experience!

Check out the changelog below and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

CryENGINE 3.4.5 Release Notes


Out of memory crash and random snow appearance in levels.
Remove deprecated "merge static geometry" option.
Scrolling was sending wrong mouse coordinates which makes the rotate screen flip out.
Potential crash when a server session shuts down and a client tries to connect at the same time.
Player profile (no save implementation) uses incorrect SaveProfile signature.
Animations don't update after player revives.
Client side collision handling.
Fixed Mounted Gun pointing to incorrect particle effect.
ALT-Tabbing from Editor game mode doesn't confine cursor anymore.
Fixed possible/rare crash with null shader pointer in EF_AddParticle.
Fire particle needs to be reloaded to turn on/off debug draw.
Fixed muzzle-flash delay, connect-to-origin particles, and other issues: CParticle.Update() is again called in all cases from CParticle.Init(), handles negative ages.
FG: The 'Door' Entity Locked/Unlocked function cannot be triggered using flowgraph.
Vehicle Editor component bound size.
Making a change to a level, creating a new level and Cancelling when asked if you want to save your current level crashes the editor.
Wrong set of sound velocity when updating particle sounds (velocity is calculated internally).


Changed SphereRandomPos function algorithm to be single-pass, using parametric phi/theta/z coords.
Set AreaBezierVolume entity to invisible as it's obsolete.
Removed destroy vehicle on submerge in DM gamerules.
Increased flash memory space to 64MB on PC, set to 32MB for console.
Select Objects tool: realigned elements, fixed elements artifacting from resize, limited minimum window size to ensure all content is displayed.
Set Gravity entities to use same Editor gravity icon.
Updated flag entity model and Editor icon.
Set gravitysphere entity to place icon at pivot, not at top of sphere.
Increased vegetation sprite texture resolution.
Tweaked SCAR muzzleflash light to be more orange, added muzzleflash light to single firemode.
Pressurized object, set to canister model, changed leak particle effect.

New Feature

Added OffsetInnerScale param, to define inner emission volume.
Change ca_UseIMG_AIM = 1, ca_UseIMG_CAF = 1.
Added scroll wheel support for Flash in Launcher.

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